Online Ordering Systems for Pizza, Donuts, Cafe, Burger, Chinese and Mexican Restaurants

Online Ordering Systems for Pizza, Donuts, Cafe, Burger, Chinese and Mexican Restaurants

Why give away your profits?
This is a FLAT FEE System offered at $300 per year

Try a live demo, and you'll see how fast and easy these ordering systems really are.

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About These
Food Service Online Ordering Systems

Why use a streamlined ordering system?

These food service online ordering systems were designed on the premise that the customer does not want to go through a complete online shopping cart to order a meal, especially when they're doing it from a mobile-device, such as a smart-phone or a tablet. They'd prefer an ordering system that's fast and easy to use. And by making it fast and easy to use, your customers may order more often. Test one of the demos out for yourself and you'll see how fast and easy they really are.

What devices & platforms are supported?

These systems work on almost all devices and platforms, such as: Apple iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phones, Apple iPads, Android tablets, Apple MACs, Windows Operating System - Internet Explorer, Mozilla - Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. These food service order systems were designed to be fast and easy to use with smart-phones, since this is the growing trend - but they work just as well on tablets and computers.

Why is being smart-phone friendly, so important?

Cisco, a world technology leader predicts by 2019, more than half of all devices connected to the mobile network, will be “smart” devices. So why wait to implement a system? Make your business a part of it now.

Do smart-phone users need to download an App?

No apps are needed. This system uses a new technology that enables it to determine the device the user is accessing the site with, and then provides the best possible display for his or her device. Numerous pictures and objects can be shown on computers, while less can be displayed on tablets and mobile phones. With fewer pictures displayed on mobile devices, users will appreciate the fast and easy ordering system you have. And that can mean - more orders for you.

Can deposits or full payments be required on orders?

Yes, if that's what you want. However, by doing so, you will limit your online ordering to only customers with credit cards.

Do I get a personalized domain name?

Yes, your personalized domain name will forward directly to your own order page (that's the first page of the demo), or if you prefer, users can start at your own home page that provides your customers with your business information, like your hours of operation, your location, and also provides an easy link to the order page.

Can it get me more business?

With an online system that's fast, easy and reliable, there's no reason why you shouldn't experience a long-term revenue boost that comes from consistently satisfying customers.

Do I get a customized menu for my business?

Yes, each menu on the order page will be customized to fit your specific products, prices and specials. Pictures can also be taken of your products and they can be displayed on the "Specials" page.

Where do I see the orders?

As customers place orders with their mobile devices or computers, they'll appear on your "Order Summary" page.

This "Order Summary" page provides you with a link to each "Order's Details" page.

Try one of the demo's out, then go to the "Order Summary" page: you'll see your order at the top of the list.

What about reliability?

These order processing systems are extremely reliable. They use the same programming language (PHP) that leaders like Amazon and Facebook use to interface with their databases. You can rest assured once your customers see their order number, you'll know that order was posted to the database. Customer satisfaction is critical to long-term success in business, and fulfilling customer orders reliably and accurately is key to customer satisfaction.

What does it cost?

These systems are offered at a flat rate of $300 per year. There are no contracts to sign. Systems utilizing credit cards are also subject to your credit card merchant fees. There is a one-time setup fee for this online order system. Use the contact form below for complete details.


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