The Best Online Ordering System for Food Service Establishments

The Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

The Best Online Ordering System for Food Service Establishments

Why give away your profits?
This is a FLAT FEE System offered at $300 per year!

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About this
Online Ordering System for Restaurants

This online ordering system was designed on the premise that the customer does not want to go through a complete online shopping cart to order a meal, especially when they're doing it from a mobile-device, such as a smart-phone or a tablet. They'd prefer an ordering system that's fast and easy to use. And by making it fast and easy, your customers may order more often.
Take a test drive and you will see why this system is the best system on the market!

Features Offered:

No App is required

Smart-phone friendly, and works great on tablets and computers!

Works on all major browsers, including:
Window's Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari

Calculates delivery fee based upon driving miles

Allows for a limit of the driving distance you'll deliver to (in miles)

Allows for a mininum dollar amount for delivery orders

Allows for Free Delivery on orders over a specified amount

Require payment by credit card before preparing the food

Fast & easy to use - that can mean more orders for you!

Orders go directly to your computer, tablet
or even your smart-phone.
No unreliable fax machine needed.

Flat fee system! No per-order charges!

Can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Can be used for:
pizzerias, cafes, sandwich shops, burger shops, donut shops, Chinese, Mexican & Thai restaurants,
or any other food service business

More about this Online Ordering System

Why is this the best system for restaurants?

The programmer, Gary Drago built this online ordering system from the ground up, with the intention to make it fast and easy for customers to order food. Gary advertises this online ordering system as the best online ordering system because it's super fast, easy to use, it has loads of useful features and it's a flat fee - low cost system.
Try the demo out for yourself, and you'll see why this online ordering system is the best system on the market!

What delivery features does this system offer?

This online order system has loads of useful features for restaurants offering delivery:
It enables you to charge for the exact mileage (driving distance) from your store to the delivery address. You can set a base charge, (for example $5.00 delivery base rate) plus a cost per mile (ex. $1.00 per mile). So a trip that is 3.4 miles would cost the customer: $5 plus $3.40 = $8.40.
You can offer "Free Delivery" on orders over a specified amount (for example: "Order $50 or more - get Free Delivery").
You can also limit the distance accepted (for example: I'll accept deliveries no more than 7 miles from my store).
You can also require a mininum delivery-order amount (for example: I'll accept no delivery orders if they're less than $15.)
The demos have all these features enabled.
Try it out for yourself and you'll see all the great features this system offers.

Do my customers need to download an App?

No Apps are used for this system. Gary believes most customers prefer not to have to download an App, especially with a restaurant where they just want to order a meal. Your customers simply go to your domain (for example: and this system will determine the device (smartphone, tablet or computer) the customer is using, then provide that customer will the best possible display for his or her device. Your customers will appreciate the fast and easy ordering system you have: and that can mean - more orders for you.

What devices & platforms are supported?

This system works on almost all devices and platforms, including the four major ones: Window's Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari. This online order system was designed to be fast and easy to use with smart-phones, since this is the growing trend - but it'll work just as well on tablets and computers.

Does it accept credit cards?

Yes, this system is setup so the customer pays before the food is prepared.
It can also be setup to accept cash only orders - should you want that.

Can I get a personalized domain name or a website?

Yes, a personalized domain name will forward directly to your order page (that's the first page of the demo), the same way forwards to the "image-slider" demo. Or if you prefer, users can start at your own home page that provides your customers with your business information, like your hours of operation, your location, and also provides an easy link to your online ordering system. Gary offers custom web design services. Call or text Gary at (603) 930-5100.

How will my new site be promoted?

The first thing you'll want to do is print your domain name on your menus. Include a bold caption that says "Order Online at". The next step is any current advertising you're doing, include the same caption. If these customers order online, you won't pay any per order costs (aside from credit card processing fees) because this system is a flat fee system.
For additional advertising opportunities, contact Gary at (603) 930-5100.

What about reliability?

This order processing system is extremely reliable. It was built with the same programming language (PHP) that leaders like Amazon and Facebook use to interface with their databases. You can rest assured once your customers see their order number, you'll know that order was posted to your database. Fulfilling customer orders reliably and accurately is critical to long-term success.

Can it get me more business?

With an online system that's fast, easy and reliable, there's no reason why you shouldn't experience a long-term revenue boost that comes from consistently satisfying customers.

I have an extensive menu. Can this system handle that?

Yes, but it isn't recommended for several reasons:
a) Keeping the orderform at a reasonable size, allows the customer to order quickly.
b) Ordering online is ideal when you're able to fulfil orders without any phone contact at all. This means all the items offered on the orderform should be foods you're always able to prepare. And the same goes for beverages: offer only beverages you always have in stock.
c) And last but not least, buyers are not stupid: they know when you have a riduclous-size menu, there's a good chance many of those items may not be fresh.
The size of the orderform shown in the demo: is an ideal size. A little bit more would be fine, but don't over do it.
If you'd like to discuss your needs, call Gary at (603) 930-5100 or use the contact form below.

What does it cost and what are the details?

This system is offered at a flat rate of $100 for 3 months or a flat rate of $300 per year.
Note: Annual customers save $100/yr off the quarterly rate.
There are no per order charges or contracts to sign; however, systems utilizing credit cards are subject to third-party credit card agreements and processing fees. There is a one-time setup fee for this online order system.
For complete details, call Gary at (603) 930-5100 or use the contact form below.

Online Ordering System Demo

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